Affordability Advocacy Agenda

The American Hospital Association continues to incorporate principles that promote improved value into our ongoing policy and advocacy activities.

Individuals, employers, government and payers are seeking greater value for their health care dollars. Concerns
around the affordability of health care will only grow as overall health care spending continues to rise to meet the
needs of an aging America.

America’s hospitals and health systems understand – and share – consumer’s concerns, and are working hard to
advance affordability by transforming the way health care is delivered in our communities. We are redesigning
the delivery system, improving quality and outcomes, managing risk and exploring new payment models, and
implementing operational solutions to improve patient outcomes and efficiency. But we cannot do it alone. It will
take a real effort by everyone involved – insurers, drug companies, hospitals, device makers, physicians, nurses,
other providers, employers and individuals. Importantly, it also will take changes in public policy.

In order to make health care more affordable, the AHA is working with Congress, the Administration, the courts
and other agencies to push forward our strategic commitments toward: access, health, innovation, affordability
and the individual as a partner. Below are some of our key advocacy initiatives to improve the affordability and
value of health care.

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