Get a Close-Up Look at Leading Innovations to Improve Your Performance

Leadership Summit Startup Competition logoLooking for cutting-edge solutions to help your hospital or health system improve performance, deliver high-value care more affordably or better manage population health? Then, don’t miss the AHA Leadership Summit July 25-27 in San Diego.

On the first day of the conference, the AHA Center for Health Innovation will present six leading solutions in the inaugural Leadership Summit Startup Competition. The startups will be selected by their ability to quantify savings or otherwise demonstrate an ROI for hospitals. The Center for Health Innovation is partnering with the Furthur Fund and leveraging its unique screening and vetting process to present the most relevant solutions to attendees.

Have a solution of your own? To be considered for the competition, the product/solution must:

  • Address a clear, widely recognized challenge that aligns with the broader strategic goals of AHA members. Emphasis will be on solutions that align with one or more of the Center for Health Innovation’s focus areas: affordability, high-value health care, population health, performance improvement and new care delivery models.
  • Have a clear and compelling ROI that can be measured in a short time period.
  • Have the ability to be implemented in a manner that is minimally disruptive to existing workflow or systems.

Register for the Summit or learn more about the registration process for startups.

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