AHA’S Navigating a New Reality Conference Sessions Now Available On-Demand

AHA’S Navigating a New Reality Conference Sessions Now Available On-Demand. A graphic of two women sitting at a table having coffee while a paper plane does a loop overhead and a bearded man in a blue shirt walks toward a large video screen with an @ character on it.Recently, more than 1,000 leading health care thinkers and strategists came together virtually to share lessons learned and plans for the future as the field continues to focus on COVID-19 recovery and rebuilding. Now, the content vault from the AHA’s Center for Health Innovation and Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development’s 'Navigating a New Reality' virtual conference is available on demand.

Content themes for the three-day event include:

  • Planning new care models for the future.
  • Clinical care innovations.
  • Patient experience.
  • Financial impact and recovery.
  • Workforce implications.

Those who missed the event can view this video highlighting key themes addressed during the conference and register to access program content through Dec. 31.

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