Case Study: Greenville Health System

Community Health Worker - Members in Action Case Study

Greenville Health System | Greenville, S.C.

In 2005, PASOs, a community-reaching organization created in response to research showing that Latino families in South Carolina value health and wellness, began addressing the need for trusted sources of information and support to address challenges and fill in gaps. PASOs, which means steps in Spanish, works with the rapidly growing Latino population of South Carolina to promote health, education, advocacy and leadership development – all of which are steps to create a strong, healthy South Carolina. PASOs works to partner with health care and social service providers to help them provide more effective resources. The organization, supported and housed for the last 10 years by the University of Carolina Arnold School of Public Health, has drawn financial and staffing support over the years from multiple hospitals, regional and national foundations, and state government contracts. PASOs provides programming in 14 South Carolina counties and provides services to families from 36 counties.

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