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Questions may arise as you access and use the AHA Digital Pulse. We’re here to help! Review this document for answers to common questions. For additional assistance, you can also use this form if you are having trouble accessing member-only content.


Supported Browsers

NOTE: AHA Digital Pulse is not supported on Internet Explorer. For the optimal experience please use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.


Additional Resources to Help Get You Started

    • Q: Will I be able to take the assessment if I am not an AHA member?
      A: No, this is an AHA member benefit (view different AHA membership offerings and cost associated).
    • Q: Is the assessment free to AHA Members?
      A: Yes, the AHA Digital Pulse assessment is a free benefit for AHA members.
    • Q: Will I be able to take the assessment if my account is not linked to my organization?
      A: If you don’t have an individual account in our system that links you to your organization’s AHA membership you will not be able to access AHA Pulse. Follow these instructions on account creation/verify existing account.
    • Q: I have membership in an AHA Professional Membership Group (example: SHSMD) using my personal email, do I have access?
      A: No, will you need to update your account and change your personal email to your organization's email.
    • Q: How do I create an account on
      A: Instructions for creating an AHA account.
    • Q: How do I link my AHA profile to my organization?
      A: For instructions to link your profile to your organization.
    • Q: Who do I contact if I am still unable to link my organization to profile?
      A: Call (800) 424-4301 from 8:00AM to 5:00PM CT or email if you have difficulty link your profile to your organization.
    • Q: Who do I contact if I forgot my AHA username and/or password?
      A: Your username is the primary email address on your membership record. This is the email address where all of your AHA emails are sent. Call (800) 424-4301 from 8:00AM to 5:00PM CT or email
    • Q: How do I update my personal email to my organization email?
      A: Instructions to update your email.
    • Q: I clicked the “Forgot Password” link and received the email, but the reset link isn’t working.
      A: Some organizations disable links in emails that come from an external source for security purposes. You can simply copy the link and paste into your browser’s URL bar to reset your password. Please Note: The password reset link does expire after 15 minutes.
    • Q: Why am I getting a 403 error when I visit AHA?
      A: This is an AHA member benefit available only to those with membership. If you are a member, please check that your profile is linked to an AHA member hospital.
    • Q: My hospital is part of a system, am I taking the assessment on behalf of my system?
      A: AVIA Connect will use the organization you select as you create your account. If your email address is affiliated with both a hospital and a health system, you will be able to choose whichever you feel is most appropriate.
    • Q: Can I designate parts of the assessment to different staff within the organization?
      A: Yes, you will also be able to assign an owner for each capability.
    • Q: How I invite another staff to take the assessment?
      A: During the initial setup, you will have the opportunity to invite other team members to help you take the assessment. You will also be able to assign an owner for each capability.
    • Q: Is each staff taking an assessment or is this one assessment?
      A: Team members work together to complete a single assessment.
    • Q: Can I update the staff member?
      A: Yes. If you are assigned to a question, you can reassign it to someone else on your team. Anyone designated as an “Admin” is able to reassign any question in the assessment.
    • Q: Will I be able to make changes to my assessment?
      A: Yes, the assessment is meant to be updated on a regular basis and reflect the current state of your digital journey. Each question has an “owner” who is able to make updates to their section at any time. Admins of the assessment can respond to any question.
    • Q: Will I be able to compare different versions of my assessment?
      A: There is only a single version of each assessment, but you will be able to compare your answers over time. Trend charts are available for you to see your progress over time.
    • Q: Will I be able to compare myself to other organization like mine?
      A: Yes. Where our sample size is large enough, we allow filtering to compare against organizations most like yours.
    • Q: Can we filter by organization?
      A: Yes. Where our sample size is large enough, we allow filtering to compare against organizations most like yours.
    • Q: What do the badges under the vendor information mean?
      A: Market Validated: Market Validation identifies products that are seeing traction in the market. This badge is based on objective criteria and indicates that health systems are purchasing and implementing a product to help them address particular needs.
    • Q: Can I use IE to take the assessment?
      A: No. Unfortunately, Microsoft has ended support for IE 10 and limited support for IE 11. The Digital Pulse works on all web browsers supporting new web standards, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.
    • Q: What do I do if my organization’s default browser is IE?
      A: We support all modern web browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Please use one of these browsers to complete the Digital Pulse.
    • Q: Who do I contact if the “Admin” of the assessment has left the organization?
      A: If the Admin is no longer with your organization please contact to have them update the information.
    • Q: Will other hospitals/systems be able to see the results of my orgs assessment?
      A: No, your information will remain private unless you decide to share it.
    • Q: Will I start receiving emails from other AVIA/AHA Members who have taken the assessment?
      A: As part of the Connect platform, individuals can reach out to others to connect on shared interests or priorities. You may receive outreach from organizations looking to share experiences. You can also initiate this outreach if you would like to learn from others’ experiences.
    • Q: Will I be able to share this with other staff?
      A: Yes, you can add users to your Pulse team so that they can see and comment on the results in the application. You can also download the results and share them with your colleagues.
    • Q: Who do I contact if I am having a trouble understanding the results?
      A: If you have questions about your results or would like to learn more, please contact Tim Martin at
    • Q: Will vendors start calling me?
      A: No. We do not share any identifiable information with vendors.
    • Q: Will my information be shared with vendors?
      A: We do not share any identifiable information with vendors. We aggregate and anonymize data to report on overall industry trends.
    • Q: Who do I contact if I am not receiving validation/verification emails?
      A: Please email if you are not receiving validation emails or check your SPAM folder.
    • Q: How do I prevent emails from the AVIA Community to go to SPAM?
      A: If you are not receiving emails, please ask your IT department to whitelist and/or emails from the domain.
    • Q: How is my data used?
      A: We aggregate and anonymize data to report on industry trends. We do not share identifiable information with others.
    • Q: Who do I contact if I’m having trouble accessing my account on AVIA Connect?
      A: Send an email to
    • Q: Who is the American Hospital Association?
      A: The American Hospital Association (AHA) is a not-for-profit association of health care provider organizations and individuals that are committed to the health improvement of their communities. The AHA is the national advocate for its members, which include nearly 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks, other providers of care and 43,000 individual members.
    • Q: How do I become a member of AHA and what is the cost?
      A: Learn about the different membership offerings and cost associated.
    • Q: Why did the AHA establish a Center for Healthcare Innovation?
      A: The AHA Center for Health Innovation is designed to lead hospital and health system transformation and accelerate innovation at scale. The Center was formed in 2018 by merging AHA’s Health Forum, Health Research & Educational Trust, Data Center and The Value Initiative. The Center offers AHA members the latest market intelligence, data products and analytics, learning collaboratives, virtual expeditions and advisory services.
    • Q: What other services and products does AHA offer?
      A: As the national voice of America’s hospitals and health systems, the AHA offers advocacy, education, resources, networking opportunities, data tools and more to its member hospitals.
    • Q: What is the relationship between AVIA and AHA?
      A: The AHA has formed a strategic alliance with digital health consultant AVIA to help the hospital and health system field accelerate its digital transformation. The alliance will allow AHA members to access an exclusive and customized forum in AVIA Connect, a digital innovation platform that provides personalized digital insights and peer-to-peer collaboration to accelerate digital strategies.
    • Q: Who is AVIA?
      A: AVIA is the partner of choice for a network of more than 50 hospitals and health systems seeking to transform their business and care delivery models through the power of digital. AVIA provides strategic guidance, support from our team of digital health experts, a rigorous process for accelerating action, and a collaborative approach so health system partners can move faster with greater confidence. Learn more at
    • Q: How do I become a member of AVIA and what is the cost?
      A: Please reach out to Tim Martin at for more information. As a member of the American Hospital Association, you have free access to the AHA Digital Pulse and select resources on AVIA Connect. AVIA offers premium services and support for those interested in additional resources.
    • Q: What types of products/offerings does AVIA offer?
      A: AVIA offers AVIA Innovator Network Membership, Consulting Services, Medicaid Transformation Project, Consumer-Driven Growth, The 25% Challenge, For Digital Companies. To learn more about AVIA and their offerings visit their website at

      Network Membership: Guided access to digital health trends, basic initiative information, solution companies, products, and projects, presented through:

      • AVIA Connect
      • The Digital Pulse
      • Customized roadmaps
      • AVIA insights
      • Strategic Initiatives:
        • Medicaid Transformation Project
        • Digital Front Door
        • 25% Challenge
        • Children's Hospitals
      • Consulting: Sometimes you need more, we offer customized scopes of work to address your particular needs utilizing our knowledge and expertise in areas such as:
        • Digital strategy
        • Innovation capacity
        • Virtual health strategy
        • Rapid strategy audit projects
        • Consumerism strategy