In just one year...


Cases of C. diff infection have occurred in the U.S.


Estimated C. diff infection-related costs for acute care facilities alone

9.7 Days

Average length of time C. diff patients occupied hospital beds

What will it take to prevent C. diff infection?

What do we need to do differently starting today?

Let's Make a C-Difference: The CDI Prevention Collaborative

The CDI Prevention Collaborative

The AHA Center for Innovation and the CDC invited prequalified hospitals and health systems to participate in a new CDI prevention program in Fall 2019.

Registration for this program is currently closed. Please contact with any questions.


Why Get Involved?

C. diff is a paramount concern for hospitals and health systems in the U.S. It is the most common cause of healthcare-associated infections across the field. It will take new ideas and greater exploration as part of this Collaborative to make a significant difference.

Change in health care practices is hard, but necessary to continuously improve. This is a critical opportunity to find new ways to improve and make changes with sustainable and scalable impact.

How the Program Works

  • Data used to identify hospitals with the greatest needs, drive actions for improvement and measure impacts.
  • Interventions customized to meet the unique needs of each participating hospital.
    • Using the CDC’s Targeted Assessment for Prevention (TAP) Strategy, participating hospitals will receive personalized feedback that identify specific areas for improvement and offer prevention resources that best address each area.
  • Top infection prevention experts to help address unique challenges and gaps in practices, and support participants in identifying, designing and testing facility-specific interventions.
  • Program participants to gain accelerated learning through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, strategic brainstorming and best practices development.

For more details, see our FAQ's.


Innovative Resources

Issues to be tackled through a series of webinars, one-on-one expert coaching and peer-to-peer sharing:

  • Isolation and Contact Precautions for Suspected and Confirmed CDI Patients
  • CDI Testing
  • Environmental Cleaning to Prevent CDI
  • Infrastructure to Support CDI Prevention
  • Facility-Specific Antibiotic Stewardship Program
  • Supplemental Strategies to Reduce CDI Rates

“Having a clear understanding of the nature of CDI and a network of peers to problem-solve will create a ripple effect of positive change and resolution.”

Jay Bhatt speaking

Arjun Srinivasan, MD, FSHEA

Captain, USPHS and CDC Associate Director, Infection Prevention


For more information regarding this program, please contact