The very nature of the hospital and health system environment puts critical care nurses, doctors, and others in direct contact with individuals. The COVID-19 pandemic has added even greater risk to the health care setting and accelerated the need for advanced infection prevention and control training and resources. Clinicians have a professional and ethical responsibility to ensure their knowledge and skills are up-to-date and that they practice safely and competently at all times.

AHA partnered with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality on the development of infection prevention resources for ICU staff and across all units that incorporate lessons from the past year to mitigate risks and achieve a safe environment for all. The focus is on building a culture of safety, assessing current practices, minimizing risks, and continuing staff education on best practices to prevent HAIs.

New Infection Prevention and Control Resources

  • Toolkit for Preventing CLABSI and CAUTI in ICUs
    • A customizable, educational toolkit to help ICUs reduce rates of central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) and catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI).
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections Calculator Tools
    • These tools incorporate your data to demonstrate the effect of HAIs on mortality, deferred admissions, cost, and reimbursement. It includes four tools: an Intervention Cost Calculator, Deferred Admissions and Reimbursement Tool, Mortality Attribution Tool, and Hospital Acquired Conditions Expenditures Tool. By understanding the cost of an HAI, hospitals and health systems can make better informed decisions on how to reduce the rate, dedicate resources, deploy efficient infection control programs and deliver quantifiable health benefits.


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