Stay Healthy: Don’t delay care

As the U.S. continues its COVID-19 fight, the need for safe medical care unrelated to the pandemic is more important than ever. America’s hospitals and health systems are always ready to care, and have adapted to further ensure your safety.

New video urges the public: Don’t delay the care you need.

A new video in Spanish and English reassures patients and community members that hospitals and health systems ‘haven’t missed a beat’ when it comes to safe care and to not delay preventive and emergency care.


AHA members may download and add their own branding for use in local markets by emailing us here.


Communications Toolkit

To help hospitals and health systems proactively address community concerns and help individuals overcome fears they have related to medical care, the AHA has created a Reassurance Communications Toolkit with ready-to-use videos, editorial content, radio and digital ads, and social media posts.

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