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Please join AHA Board Chair Rod Hochman, M.D., as he presents the seventh Leadership Rounds discussion of 2021. Dr. Hochman will continue the series that AHA launched last year and will host conversations on a range of key issues facing the field with hospital and health system leaders from across the country and other special guests.

On this episode, Dr. Hochman discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and public health infrastructure with Mike Slubowski, president and CEO at Trinity Health, a Catholic health system that serves communities in 25 states.

Mr. Slubowski relates how Trinity Health has become the “de facto public health system” in its communities during the COVID-19 crisis — vaccinating people, sharing information, responding to social needs, among other activities — and the challenges and opportunities to improve public health and public health coordination.

During the conversation, the two health system leaders talk about the tremendous — and sometimes unrecognized — impact that the pandemic is having on the health care workforce. “We have to tell our story . . . to share some of the experiences and bravery that our people are exhibiting,” Slubowski says. “We have to be really clear on those areas of opportunity around infrastructure and why they would be helpful.”

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