AHA Physician Alliance Webinar Library

Lead Well

The Importance of Trust and Building Trustworthiness in Health Care- November 2019

From Competition to Collaboration:  What it Takes to Lead Across the Converging Healthcare Ecosystem- October 2019

Ahead of the Curve:  Radiology Practice as Catalyst for System-Wide Clinical Decision Support- July 2019

Patient Forward:  Radiologists as Hospital Change Agents- September 2018

Performance Improvement:  Why Physicians Must Lead in a Value-Driven Health Care System - April 2018 

When the Radiologist Becomes the Patient:  Radiologists as Hospital Change Agents- September 2017

The Art and Science of Storytelling to Engage and Inspire Healthcare Teams- June 2017

Addressing Violence Through Behavioral Health and Behavioral Safety Teams- May 2017

Building Excellence in Our Clinical Learning Environments- April 2016

Integrated Leadership for Hospitals and Health Care Systems- January 2016

Be Well

The Business Case for Humanity in Heatlhcare- July 2020 (slides available here)

Frameworks and an Innovative Initiative to Advance Well-Being During and After a Pandemic- May 2020 (slides available here)

Physician Wellness: A Self and System Imperative in a Value Based Model- January 2020 (slides available here)

Combating Healthcare Burnout with a Data Led Action Framework:  Lessons from Minnesota- December 2019

The Physician Alliance Well-Being Playbook- May 2019

Helping Physicians Finish Faster:  Making More Time for Things that Matter Most- January 2019

Beyond Resilience:  Making a Difference When it Matters Most- March 2018

Geisinger Center for Professionalism and Provider Support: Developing an Accountable Culture of Professional Behavior and Improving the Work Life of Employees- December 2017

Preventing Physician Burnout:  What Hospital Leaders Can Do to Make a Difference- March 2017

Care Well

Stigma Kills:  Addressing Opioid Use Disorder By Changing Culture - August 2020 (slides available here)

ECMO: Insights, Strategies and Key Considerations for Developing a Sustainable Program - January 2020

Succeeding Together: Creating a Clinically Integrated Supply Chain- February 2020 (slides available here)

Advancing the Care of Patients with Opioid Use Disorder in the Outpatient and Emergency Settings- September 2019

Imaging Data Science in Action- June 2019

Prescribe Safe Initiative:  Combating Opioid Abuse- March 2019

The Cleveland Clinic Way:  Transforming Health Care throughout its Enterprise and Across the World- October 2018

Innovations in Patient Care Safety in Primary Care- August 2018

The Next Frontiers for Providing High-Value Care in Hospitals- July 2018

Improving Care for Hospitalized Adults with Substance Use Disorder- November 2017

Building High Value Care Bridges- August 2017

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