Workforce and Staffing Support Options During COVID-19 Surge

As the rates of COVID-19 continue to rise in certain areas across the country, the need for greater coordination and even an expanded health care workforce may become critical. There are several organizations with the interest and the capacity to help partner with hospitals and health systems to be part of the solution. Include below, please find several organizations that each offer a unique approach – and even complimentary services and expertise - to supporting the field through the pandemic.

For more information on the vetting of these organization and other available AHA resources please contact Matt Fenwick at

U.S. Civilian Corps (A 501C3 Nonprofit)

The U.S. Civilian Corps (USCC) in partnership with the executive search firm Odgers Berndtson can identify and mobilize skilled professionals who can support hospitals. By combining an AI-powered talent search platform with a volunteer-led project management capability, they can rapidly deploy health care professionals nationwide to the locations where they’re needed most. They maintain relationships with state and local governments, health systems and consortium managers to continuously update a nationwide catalog of opportunities for in-person and remote deployments. They can deploy to new markets within 24-48 hours, conduct outreach via text, email and bespoke individualized calls.


Noah Sheinbaum (Co-Founder)
Phone: (914) 384-2806

Connected COVID

A simple platform to find and enroll medical professionals from outside the hospital workforce, with hospitals that require surge staffing support during times of crisis. Clinicians sign up online in about 10 minutes. Identity is verified, credentials loaded and specialized skills are documented. When a crisis is declared, they can view and apply to hospital openings. Hospitals create a profile to post their needs and match with the right candidates. In a crisis they can search for available staff in their region and contact them. The facility and provider engage directly to arrange details. The platform is entirely free and intended to bring non-traditional, but highly skilled, providers easily into the workforce when needed. Connected COVID is a self-funded project, led by volunteers who care about patients and healthcare providers. The intent is to make it easier for willing volunteers to offer assistance.


Josh Goldsmith
Phone: (513) 377-4927


Flexwise’s On-Demand Staffing Platform for Healthcare offers a centrally coordinated approach that is needed to facilitate efficient and equitable flow of supplemental clinicians to the location and regions they are needed most. Regional staffing offices are responsible for centralizing the coordination of clinical staffing support across facilities on a regional basis. On-demand float pools comprised of “supplemental” resources are also available on a regional basis, including:

  • Retirees returning to the workforce.
  • Part-time workers (e.g. at-home parents).
  • Displaced workers (e.g. school nurses).
  • Staff nurses willing to pick up extra shifts.

Flexwise also offers a technology-based approach to managing communication and fulfillment of staffing needs:

  • Technology enables efficient management of workforce resources available within your region.
  • Utilize a regional staffing office structure responsible for centralizing coordination of clinical staffing support across regional facilities.
  • Technology powered by Flexwise, but administered by your Regional Staffing Office.


Kevin Godsey, CEO
Phone: (407) 446-2463

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