New AHA PSAs and Resources Feature Clinicians Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccination

AHA Special Bulletin
August 25, 2021

Hospitals and health system are encouraged to brand and deploy PSAs in their local communities

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The AHA today released new public service announcements (PSAs) and related digital content encouraging vaccination against COVID-19 by still-unvaccinated health care workers and members of the public. Hospitals and health systems can add their own branding, in both 30- and 15-second versions, for use in their local communities’ media outlets.

The PSAs and supporting materials build on AHA’s ongoing efforts to reinforce to the public that America’s hospitals and health systems play a critical role in the health of our country – serving as a trusted voice and “always there, ready to care,” as the nation continues its battle against this historic public health crisis.


AHA is releasing three clinician-focused PSAs: “I’m a Physician,” “I’m a Nurse,” and a hybrid PSA featuring both. In these three PSAs, clinicians share their reasons for getting the vaccine and encourage their colleagues and communities to overcome their concerns that prevent them from getting vaccinated by asking questions and seeking guidance from the trusted health care professionals in their lives.

A fourth PSA, “On the Fence,” features a physician talking to three vaccine-hesitant people, discussing their questions and again encouraging them to seek answers from trusted resources to assuage their concerns. All of the PSAs, which also are available with Spanish subtitles, can be accessed on AHA’s vaccine confidence webpage. Direct links to the PSAs follow.

I’m a Physician/I’m a Nurse – English/30 second
I’m a Physician – English/15 second
I’m a Nurse – English/15 second

On the Fence – English/30 second
On the Fence – English/15 second


Additionally, the AHA is continuing its campaign highlighting health care workers’ vaccination stories, releasing new content that moves beyond clinicians to feature supply chain professionals who support hospitals and health systems. Hospitals and health systems are encouraged to join the campaign by sharing their teams’ own #MyWhy stories. Ready-to-use materials and details are available on AHA’s #MyWhy webpage.

Social content that supports all of these vaccination efforts are updated regularly and available on AHA’s vaccine confidence webpage for hospitals to brand and deploy. For assistance with branding the content, please contact Tom Fitzsimmons.


If you have questions, please contact the AHA at 800-424-4301.

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