Jan 8, 2020
America’s hospitals and health systems are at the center of their communities, both as providers of critical services and as large – and often the largest – employers. They train tomorrow’s health care providers and cultivate future leaders by building and expanding their dynamic workforces to…
May 17, 2021
AHA’s Future of Rural Health Care Task Force has released a report with recommendations for long-range solutions for improving rural health and health care in America. Read more for the innovative solutions and promising practices for care delivery, as well as models to ensure the…
Apr 20, 2021
Health care is increasingly moving to a digital platform. Recent major investments in health information technology, such as electronic health records and health information exchanges, have created enabling digital components that providers and vendors are leveraging for virtual health care…
Apr 14, 2021
Medicare patients who receive care in a hospital outpatient department (HOPD) are more likely to be poorer and have more severe chronic conditions than Medicare patients treated in an independent physician office (IPO), according to a study released today by the AHA. The study also specifically…
Mar 22, 2021
For America’s hospitals, positive margins create the ability to invest in new facilities, treatments, and technologies to better care for patients, and to build reserves to be ready for a future made highly uncertain due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mar 10, 2021
FEMA has established the Civil Rights Advisory Group as part of the agency’s commitment to the COVID-19 vaccination mission amid the ongoing battle against the pandemic.
Mar 1, 2021
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Feb 24, 2021
In this report, Kaufman Hall used historical hospital revenues and different possible paths for these three recovery factors to forecast 2021 hospital revenue, a critical criterion in determining the financial health of America’s hospitals. The report also shows expense factors associated with…
Jan 20, 2021
The American Hospital Association’s 2021 – 2022 Strategic Plan seeks to position the AHA to lead, represent and serve the field as its national advocate and provide guidance to our members and stakeholders who will tailor their paths to their own communities.