Advancing Best Practices for Hospitals and Health Systems

Jul 9, 2021
President Biden today signed an executive order (EO) establishing a “whole-of-government” effort to promote competition in the American economy. The EO includes 72 initiatives by more than a dozen federal agencies to tackle competition issues across the economy, including in health care, financial…
May 18, 2021
As our nation emerges slowly from the devastating effects of the pandemic, the value of America’s hospitals and health systems—and the women and men who work there—has never been more clear. Whether treating patients with compassion and bravery, providing life-saving care or stepping in to plug…
May 18, 2021
The financial health of the hospital field has been shaken during the pandemic. Health systems have demonstrated benefits. Mergers expand the capacity of smaller and rural hospitals. A focus on hospital consolidation ignores larger market trends. The cost of providing care continues to increase.…
May 17, 2021
Integrated health systems have the critical scale, resources and expertise needed to decrease costs and enhance quality for patients and communities.
Jun 25, 2020
The AHA Resource Center has created these ‘live’ searches to the latest research articles on International Health Systems Comparisons by Country.
Jun 24, 2020
As humans, we respond to our environment. The physical space around us can — and does — affect mood, energy, creatively and productivity. It also has a big effect on health care workspaces, where innovative new designs are responding to COVID-19, but also to longer term trends in hospital care..
Feb 11, 2020
We foster dialogue among system executives and offer opportunities to actively shape polices and set direction for the association and field. Serving on AHA’s Board of Trustees, Committee on Health Care Strategy and Innovation or one of nine Regional Policy Boards are formal roles in governance and…
Feb 13, 2019
As a pediatric hospital, we experience an overwhelming amount of requests for corporate and community groups to engage with the patients and families. Through collaborative efforts with the department of philanthropy and psychosocial services, we have developed meaningful group volunteer…